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Sports and films serves as the two most audience drawing entertainment modes in the world. When these two come together, sparks fly, although sometimes, they also bomb terribly. This is just the nike football boots cheap first list in this series, and what better way to start this series other than the sport which dominates the whole world.

Going back to 57 years, the true chilling story of the Busby Babes and the Munich air disaster of 1958, still is one of most unfortunate incidents in sports history, and the one that shocked the entire world. Starting the list of 10 greatest football films of all time at number 10, is the 2011 British television film ‘United’. The film tells the story of f Manchester United’s “Busby Babes”, and how it coped up with the plane crash that killed seven members of its team. A heart breaking tale, this film is shows how unpredictable the world can be and how one never gives up!

Four half-brothers and their mother nike football boots cheap trying to barely survive with a pinch of football between them! The 2008 Brazilian film ‘Linha de Passe’ comes at number nine on our list. The four brothers, out of which two share a passion for football, over the course of times, realises how poverty and football shapes their life and future! Directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, this film was nominated for ‘Palme d’Or’ and won the ‘Best Actress’ award for Sandra Corveloni at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

A band of brothers uses their martial arts skill in football and intends to master it. Can they do it? Next up at number eighth on our list of 10 greatest football films of all time is the 2001 Hong Kong film ‘Shaolin Soccer’. It tells the story of bringing glory to Shaolin Kung fu and how to do that by using football as a bridge. Directed by Stephen Chow, who also acted as the lead character in the film, it went on to win 14 international and national awards nike football boots cheap and earn 42 million USD, and is the highest earning film on this list.

We often stereotype that a gay person can never find sports appealing. But what happens when a team made full of gay players compete against a team of straight football players? The 2004 German-American film ‘Guys and Balls’ comes in at number seven on this list. Directed by Sherry Hormann, this film tells the story of a gay football player, who after being fired from his team for homophobia, arranges a team of gay players to take on the team that fired him. The film went on to become one of the best sports-comedy film of all time, with an underlying social message. What worked for the film was that it dealt a serious issue with humour and satire, thereby strengthening its core message.

On 11th April, 2001, one team was declared the weakest team in the world. American Samoa after losing to Australia in a landslide score of 0-31, was deemed by many as the world’s weakest football team. Can it change the shame that world brought out to it into glory? Landing at number six on our list of 10 greatest football films of all time is the British documentary film ‘Next Goal Wins’. After 13 years of public shame, legendary coach Thomas Rongen is brought out to train the team, as it prepares itself to qualify for the nike football boots cheap 2014 football world cup. This is the ultimate underdog story. You never lose hope, is what this film about.

A young Indian-British woman is in love with David Beckham, but not because of his looks, but for his football skills, yes, you heard that right! At number five, comes the 2002 British-American-Indian-German film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. The film tells the struggle story of a young Punjabi woman coming out as a football player to her family and seeking acceptance for the same. Directed by Gurinder Chadha, this Golden Globe nominated film boasts of some great hilarious moments highlighting the stereotypes against Asian people in the west and the stigma of being a woman football player.

Go back 85 years in football history – The year nike football boots cheap is 1930 – and the world is getting ready for its first football world cup. By still not getting counted among the big names at that time, Yugoslavia still managed to defeat fan-favourites Brazil and eventually making it to the semi-finals, where it lost to eventual winners Uruguay. Taking up the fourth spot on our list of 10 greatest football films of all time is the 2010 Serbian film ‘Montevideo: Taste of a Dream’. The winner of the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival, this film takes us back to the period when a country was slowly becoming a force to reckon with. Its journey, and it doesn’t disappoint!

Can football serve as the guide for someone’s personal life? Can someone find respite and the answers of all his struggles and problems through a 90 minute game and the ones who play it? Breaking into the top three on our list of 10 greatest football films of all time is the 2009 British-French film ‘Looking For Eric’. French football legend Eric Cantona plays himself in this movie, a guide to Eric Bishop, played by Steve Evets, whose personal life is hanging on to a cliff.

Imagine being in a place where your sex would determine whether you get to see a football match or not! Can a group of women still make it into the stadium? The second greatest football film of all time is the 2006 Iranian film ‘Offside’. Inspired by director Jafar Panahi’s own daughter who attended a football match without caring about the ban, this film tells the story how several women try to watch a World Cup qualifying match after a law forbids women to enter any stadium. The film won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. The filming took place at the backdrop of an actual match, the 2006 World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain, which Iran won. Panahi later said that he had two scripts in mind based on the outcome of the match.

English football player and manager Brian Clough’s nike football boots cheap management of the Leeds United in 1974 is undoubtedly one of the most talked about stories till date in sports management history. The greatest football film of all time is the 2009 British film ‘The Damned United’, based on the 2006 novel ‘The Damned Utd’ by David Peace. Directed by Tom Hooper, in the film Clough was portrayed by Michael Sheen. The film narrates the story of how one man changed the future course for his team.

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For a long time women’s participation in sports as athletes have been almost nil. In the last century, owing to nike football boots sale changes in modern mindset, there has been a dramatic rise in female participation in sports, at both amateur and professional level. Likewise the number of films made on female athletes has gone up.

These film feature fearless sportswomen who despite opposition from various corners are willing to make a career in something that they are interested in or are good at. The following 10 films about female athletes are celebration of human spirit and of determined women in the world of sport.

Directed by Regan Hall, it’s a British drama. It follows the story of two women (played by Lenora Crichlow and Lily James) and their journey to joining the British relay team and becoming professional sprinters. To play their parts the actresses had to go through six-weeks of intense training before the shooting began. But during the first day of shooting, Crichlow developed stress fracture and body doubles had to be used. nike football boots sale Though not a very popular film, it was hailed positively by critics upon its release.

Coming in number 9 position is the 2001 release called Motocrossed. An original Disney Channel Movie, Motocrossed is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s the story of Andrea Carson (Alana Austin) who loves motocrossed but isn’t allowed to participate in it because her father thinks motocross is not for girls. When Andrea’s brother become injured she gets a once in a life-time chance to participate in motocrossed by pretending to be a boy in her brother’s place. The Motocrossed is a television movie. It’s directed by Steve Boyum.

Double Teamed is another Disney Channel Original Movie that was released on VHS but is now out of print. None the less, it has made to the number 8 position of 10 films about female athletes. The film revolves around the lives of two baseball players who also happen to be twin sisters – Heather Burge (played by Poppi Monroe) and Heidi Burge (played by Annie McElwain). According to Imdb reviews it’s a little gem largely overlooked for being a televisions release with no big name attached. It’s been directed by Duwayne nike football boots sale Dunham.

Bring It On is an American comedy film directed by Peyton Reed. It is the story of Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) who is called upon to captain her high school‘s cheerleading team to winning the sixth national title. But she soon discovers that all her best routine has been stolen by the previous caption and she needs to come up with something original if she mean to hold the champion’s cup. Despite having the typical conventional and formulaic plot the film was highly acclaimed and become something of a cult classic. It has got four sequels –  Bring It On Again(2004), Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006), Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007), and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009).

Grabbing the number 6 position of the 10 films about female athletes is A League Of Their Own. Directed by Penny Marshall, A League Of Their Own is a comedy-drama film. The film follows a fictional account of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). It stars Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis and Lori Perry. In America it was hailed as historically and culturally significant film. Universally lauded, A League Of Their Own was selected for preservation at the US National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in the year 2012.

This romantic drama marks the directorial nike football boots sale debut of director Gina Prince-Bythewood. Starring Monica Wright and Quincy McCall, the film revolves around a woman and a man who are next-door neighbours and also happen to be pursuing basketball career. As you may have already guessed they fall in love with each other. But despite the stereotypical plotline and sports clichés the film is fun and was generally received with favourable reviews. In Imdb one review calls it an ‘intelligent romantic comedy with a feminist touch.’ Love & Basketball stood ninth among all-time profitable basketball film.

In the number 7 position of the 10 films about female athletes is She’s The Man. Directed by Andy Fickman, She’s The Man is an American romantic comedy. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, the story revolves round a teenager named Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes) who enters her brother’s school in his place pretending to be a guy in order to join the boys’ soccer team. The critics weren’t impressed but the film, rejecting it on grounds of being a typical chick-flick with an unconvincing plot and predictable jokes. But they did laud Amanda Bynes for her performance. One of the most popular among films about female athletes, She’s The Man was commercially very successful.

This American sports drama saw Clint Eastwood donning a number of hats – that of the director, co-produced and the football boots sale Million Dollar Baby is the story of a very determined and hard working woman (Hilary Swank) who trains to become a professional boxer under underappreciated boxing trainer. Soon things take a horrible turn that haunts him for the rest of his life. The film opened to wide critical and commercial acclaim. Later the Million Dollar Baby won four Academy Awards – for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. There were few controversies surrounding the film but talking about it is not possible without giving out spoilers, so you might want to check the film out first and then head to the film’s Wikipedia page.

Directed by Gurinder Chadha, it’s a romantic sports themed comedy-drama. It holds the number 2 position of the 10 films about female athletes. Made in the the United Kingdom, the film is about a 18-year-old British-Indian girl (Parminder Nagra) who wants to become a footballer like David Beckham against the wishes of her restrictive parents. Upon its release Bend It Like Beckham was positively received by both critics and audiences. In 2010, Bend It Like Beckham became the first western film telecasted in North Korea. And in 2015 a musical version of the film was staged. It too was directed by Gurinder Chadha.

A comedy-drama sports film, Whip It is directed and co-produced by Drew Barrymore. Based on a young-adult novel Derby Girl, Whip It is Barrymore’s directorial debut. It revolves around a misfit small-town teen (Ellen Page) who in order to escape her mother’s beauty pageant obsession joins a roller derby team. Whip It premiered in 2009 Toronto International Film Festival where the Toronto Roller Derby skaters played an exhibition bout in order to promote the film. The film was positively received by critics but was a financial disaster. For her directorial debut, Barrymore was nike football boots sale nominated at the Stockholm Film Festival.

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Is sport your thing? If so, then which one? Is it one of the giants like Football, Tennis and baseball which are nike football boots sale  internationally famous? Or one of those which are regionally popular, like Hockey, Ice hockey , Rugby and many more? There are many dynamics at work while judging the top Athletic Institutes in the world. So here’s a list of the top 10 Athletic Institutes in the world, which includes institutes both exclusive or inexclusive to sports.

It should be noted that all of the institutes below are amazing in their own right, and the list isn’t necessarily in an order. So let’s buckle up and take a look !

Football, or soccer, which is a favorite of  millions of people, is one of the most popular sports on the face of the earth. nike football boots sale  La Masia, which is Barcelona’s youth academy, is the best academy for football. The objective of this academy has been to educate, both sportingly and intellectually, the aspiring players of the future. In 2010, the academy achieved the unprecedented feat of having trained all three Ballon d’Or finalists: Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and Xavi.

The Amsterdam giants have been champions of Europe four times, due in large part to a legendary academy setup. Both ‘Total Football’ and its greatest practitioner, Johan Cruyff, were molded in the Ajax academy. Many of the core tenets of that philosophy remain today, with all age groups playing a fast, interchanging 4-3-3 system with an emphasis on ‘TIPS’: Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed.

When it comes to variety in sports, Loughborough University of  England is the way to go. The university has a very strong tradition in a wide variety of sports. The university has dominated university nike football boots sale  sporting, winning the 35th BUCS league for the 35th time. In 2014 commonwealth games, Ex-Loughboroughs have attained 35 medals. Certainly at the pinnacle of  the UK when it comes to sports,  it’s certainly one of the top Athletic Institutes in the world.

The university of  Florida has excelled in sports such as American Football, Basketball and Olympics. For the 2014–15 school year, the University Athletic Association budgeted more $100 million for its sports teams and facilities. The students have to go through rigorious training and excercise. Since 1968, 145 Gator athletes and 13 Florida coaches have represented 37 countries in the Olympic Games, winning 50 Olympic gold medals, 29 silver medals and 30 bronze medals through the 2012 Summer Olympics. Their football team, Florida Gators, have won countless matches, and one of the best in US, and their basketball team, both men and women, have gained recognition.

Sport is a big part of student life at the University of Birmingham and the uni regularly finishes in the top three of the BUCS championship. Non Stanford, graduate of the university, celebrated securing the 2013 Elite Women’s ITU World Triathlon title in September,  just one of many famous sporting alumni from the university, which certainly deserves to nike football boots sale  be one of the top Athletic Institutes in the world.

The German Sport University Cologne is Germany’s largest and most prestigious center of teaching and research in physical education and sport science. Young Germans interested in pursuing a career in sports know to get a degree from the German Sports Academy in Cologne. But before students are even considered for admittance, they’ve got pass a rigorous physical test. From Basketball to Batminton, Swimming or even lap running, this University resides on the very pinnacle of  sports.

St Mary’s University College offers over 20 student sports clubs and says that if there is a sport which isn’t included (and in your opinion, should be), students should get in touch with the Athletic Union president. The facilities include three sports halls, a gymnastics centre, dance studio, athletics track and two training pitches. Definitely deserves a seat in the nike football boots sale  top 10 Athletic Institutes in the world.

From football, to gymnastics, to basketball, to baseball to rowing, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, track and field, and volleyball, The University of Alabama can boast 25 team NCAA Championships and countless more conference championships and individual achievements.

Intramural sports, club sports, sports for students with disabilities, and a student recreation center ranked among the best in the nation give every student an opportunity to participate in the pride and tradition that define Alabama athletics.

The University of Alberta of  Canada, is a a hub of excellence in the field of sports in Canada. The university’s varsity sports programs include basketball, cross-country, curling, football, golf, hockey, rugby, soccer, swimming, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. In total, the university athletic’s department manages more than 500 students in over 23 teams. The Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation also operate a number of intramural programs, available to any undergraduate and graduate student that pays the Athletic and Recreation fee. Opportunities are offered at multiple skill levels and across a variety of sports to service a range of interest and ability. Sports nike football boots sale  offered include traditional sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer and cricket, as well as less traditional events like dodgeball, inner tube water polo, and wallyball. The Golden Bears and Pandas ( male and female varsity teams) have won 65 national championships since 1961. The men’s ice hockey team has won the Canada West Conference Championship many times over.

In the United States, the name Ivy league creates a stirring in the heart of men.
Not a single college, but  a collegiate athletic conference comprising sports teams from eight colleges, the Ivy league colleges are THE BEST Colleges in the world, both in terms of education, and sports.

All in all, this concludes a perfect end to top 10 Athletic Institutes in the world.

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We all have awkward and embarrassing pictures of our own. Maybe kept hidden in a box in the store room or in the folder of your long lost external drive, but they DO exist. Not just us, but our pets as well. nike superfly football boots We all have that one or two picture that makes us hide our face while others carry on with the laughter. We all have that one picture which was taken accidentally or without our knowledge and consent which makes us embarrassed every time we see it, and our favorite athletes are no different from us. They have their part of embarrassing pictures too.

Presenting to you, the rarest and the funniest pictures of our beloved athletes that is sure to make you go ROFL for sure. Buckle up! for the laughter begins in 3…2…1…

For sure tennis fans worldwide are bound to love this picture for it takes the tenth position in this list. This is one of those pictures taken accidentally, unknowingly, and with perfect timing as the jaw nike superfly football boots moves the other way and the jersey defies the law of gravitation and flows off of this tennis maestro’s tummy. It is obviously funny as well as amazing.

Not sure if this picture is dangerous or not but it sure is funny as hell. Remember the face children make when they try to bully or make fun of other kids? Well this is exactly that face. This photo of  the renowned soccer player was captured during a match with Liverpool of course.

Conquering the number eighth position in this list of 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes, is the one and only god of  Indian cricket. Being the best cricket player in world gives him millions and millions of fans. Not only in India but people from the whole wide world worship his skills as a cricketer. This picture is for all those fans.

Not sure if cute, funny or BOTH…this nike superfly football boots picture bags the 7th position in the list of 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes. Lionel Messi is among the best football players of all time and sure can be funny sometimes. This confused picture of him is surely funny as well as adorable.

He is one of the richest, one of the most popular athletes to be followed on social media. HE is one of the most liberal and forward-minded athlete as well as human being this decade has seen. Also he makes amazing funny faces. Or maybe we should call it sarcastic, or maybe surprised, or maybe just plain amazed. It is better if left to the imagination.

Have you ever been in a situation where you see the problem coming at you but have no idea how to get it done with? Well, yeah. This is THAT face. This tennis sport star grabs the fifth position in this list of 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes. And She sure is one of the beloved tennis players worldwide.

Yes, the soccer heartthrob takes away thenike superfly football boots number four in 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes. He sure may be successful in making girls all around the world drool for him. He sure may be able to make all the ladies swoon over him. But this face right here is just the evidence of how funny he can actually be.

This picture easily lands the third on this list of 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes. Mike Tyson may be the icon for most blooming boxers but this particular picture proves that there still is a hipster hidden inside him. Presenting to you the funniest face of Mike Tyson, the boxing champion.

The moviestar, the actor, the comedian, the wrestler….he has many identities other than just an athlete. Still the rock bags the second position in this list of 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes. How can a face get any funnier ?

Yes this filmstar, athlete, multi-faced personality nike superfly football boots bags the first position in this list. Not only he acted brilliantly in the recent comedy movie Trainwreck starring Amy Schumer, the best female comedian in the world, but he also has been successful in entertaining us with his amazing funny pictures like this. An amazing personality like this deserves an applause for sure. Doesn’t he ?

It must be noted that, this list was made with no negative intentions but with a touch of humor and a tinge of fun. No intentions of criticizing or negativity is there. The content must be taken lightheartedly and not as a disrespect to any of the athletes mentioned above.  This concludes the 10 Funniest faces of our favorite athletes . Make sure to leave nike superfly football boots comments and share this with more friends for laughter is contagious!

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El Clásico or El classico is the football match played between rivals Real Madrid C.F. and F.C. Barcelona. It is the biggest football club game in the world,and is among the most viewed annual sports events.

With the intensity in mind,it’s not hard nike hypervenom phantom to understand why there have been so many thunderous editions of El Clasico through the years. And,rather than improving over time, the relationship between the two clubs has worsened, as they have become more dominant than ever in the 21st century.

The first of the best el classico moments was the controversy in Spanish football in the aftermath of the World War II was the transfer to Alfredo Di Stéfano from the Argentine club Millonarios to one of Barcelona or Real Madrid. The summer of 1953 saw different entities with different agendas including the clubs,FIFA,and the Spanish Federation get involved in the transfer tussle between the two Spanish giants. Fed up with the Madrid-based government getting involved,Barcelona withdrew their attempts to sign the Argentinian. Two weeks later he made his El Clasico debut,Real won 5-0,he scored four.

Another  of the best El classico moments nike hypervenom phantom of the vintage era was the transfer of Johan Cruyff. As Barcelona stalled over the signing of Ajax’s superstar, not very dissimilar to the Di Stefano saga as Real wanted to got involved in this transfer. But Cruyff chose Barca over Real and to add salt to injury he said he would never play for a team”associated with Franco”directed at General Franco. What followed in the Clasico was a 5-0 drubbing with Cruyff bagging 3 assists and a goal.

It was the time of the famed Dream team of Johan Cruyff at Barcelona. Boasting of a lineup with Romario,Guardiola,Stoichkov and Laudrup,Barcelona dismantled Real with Romario netting a Hat-trick & Koeman with a free-kick.

In the summer following the 5-0 win against Real Madrid,Michael Laudrup controversially departed for the Spanish capital,after the player had a monumental falling out with manager Johan Cryuff.

There were rumours that Laudrup joined Real to extract revenge on Barcelona. Although Laudrup denied this,no one could argue that his transfer sealed the wildest momentum swing between these two clubs.

In the last decade and a half,one of nike hypervenom phantom the best El classico moments was the then-world record transfer of the Portuguese great,Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid in the summer of 2000. Figo had been held up as the pride of Barcelona,but all that love turned into hatred the moment he was on his way to Madrid to be a part of Real’s Galactico project. The expression of this hatred reached an all-time high at the Nou Camp in November 2002.

In what has been labelled as the Derby of Shame,Figo was met by a blood-thirsty mob. When he went to take a corner kick,the Portuguese winger received beer cans,cigarette lighters,whisky bottles the most significant among them was a suckling pig’s head which was hurled at him.The match ended goaless. Had Figo contributed a goal he might not have made it alive to Bernabeu.

Probably one of the best el classico nike hypervenom phantom moments,that was what happened when Ronaldinho picked apart Los Blancos in 2005,it was the Brazilian who took over after the break. His skills were sweet & sublime. As Ronaldinho finished a mesmeric run from the half-way line with a cool finish past Casillas,thousands of Real fans in the Bernabéu rose to their feet to show their appreciation of a sublime performance by the Brazilian superstar.

Probably the youngest player to score a hat-trick in El classico,Lionel Messi scored his first hat-trick against Real Madrid that too at the tender age of 19! The match ended in 3-3 draw with Messi rescuing Barcelona who came to know the worth of this young incredible talent which later turned to be the world’s greatest player of the Modern day era.

Probably the biggest margin defeat in an El classico,Braces from Henry and Messi,as well as goals from Puyol and Pique illustrated the gulf in class that had grown between the two teams. It also accelerated the dawn of the second Galactico era at Real Madrid,nike hypervenom phantom as they sought to challenge the dominance by the Catalan club.

The 2011 Champions League semifinal between Real and Barcelona was an extremely intense time in the rivalry,with Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho playing central roles in the two fixtures. Two late goals from Messi at the Bernabeu, put Barca into the final before Madrid even departed for Catalunya. In the return leg,Marcelo levelled the match after Pedro had given home side the lead. Barca went on to beat Manchester United in the final,while Los Blancos were left still dreaming of La Decima.

Proabably one of the last best El classico moments with Ronaldo in the stands due to injury,Gareth Bale showed his heroics. With five minutes to go Gareth Bale picked the ball up inside his own half on the left wing,went past Bartra with his heroic acceleration before running into the penalty area and slotting the ball left-footed past the goalkeeper from six yards out.

Throughout the years,El classico nike hypervenom phantom has always been a cherish to watch.It has gifted us with so much wonderful moments. In recent years,the rivalry has been”encapsulated”by the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This concludes the Top 10 Best El classico moments .

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The richest sports, the richest players, the richest clubs, the richest athletes…we all have a pretty much vivid idea of all others. But we forget that umpires are to cricket are like pencils are to drawing. It is just not possible to get on with it without an umpire. A cricket match Nike Mercurial Football Boots is incomplete without an umpire. Here is to the richest of the umpires the cricket history has ever seen. Take a look! Maybe you will prefer being one too after seeing how much they actually make.

Please note that this is a list not only in order of their monthly makings. But also their popularity. So the order might be a little arbitrary. Read on!

At number 10 in this list of most popular and richest umpires in cricket history is Aleem Dar from Pakistan. It may come as a shocker but his annual salary is around $45,000. This is just an average figure. His test fee is around $3,000. Apart from that the ODI fee is $2,200. It doesn’t end here though…the T-20 fee is around $1,000. He started his Umpiring career at 2002 and has umpired three world cup finals.

Billy Bowden from New Zealand grabs the Nike Mercurial Football Boots number ninth position in this list of most popular and richest umpires in cricket history. With Test fee around $3,000, ODI fee somewhere near $2,200 and T-20 Fee nearly $1,000, his Yearly Salary  stands to be the grand total of $45,000. Not only  rich but he is also known as the most stylist umpire in the cricket history. Billy Bowden has done umpiring in around 195 ODI matches, 84 test matches and 21 T20 matches. Pretty impressive resume. Isnt it?

This Australian umpire is the number eighth in this list of most popular and richest umpires in cricket history. Bruce oxford’s Yearly Salary is nearly $35,000. In addition to this his Test Fee is almost $3,000 and ODI Fee is nearly $2,200. Apart from that, his T-20 fee is $1,000. This umpire Nike Mercurial Football Boots started his umpiring career at 2001 at First Class cricket and his first off all match in ODI at 2008 and first test for this Englishman at 2010.

Ian Gould is an umpire belonging from England with the Yearly Salary of $35,000. This umpire from England has experience in 44 Tests and 103 ODIs matches. Also he has umpires 29 T20 so far in his career. He Started career with Umpiring at 2006 and currently his test fee is $3,000 along with ODI Fee of 2,200.

This Sri Lankan umpire bags the sixth position in this list of most popular and richest umpires in cricket history. Kumar Dharmasena is the only Sri Lankan umpire to be experienced in all time ICC Nike Mercurial Football Boots Elite Panel. This sensation started his umpiring career in 2009. He has an expertise of 65 ODI matches with umpiring in 30 test and 17 T20 matches. His yearly salary is 35000 US dollars.

He started his umpiring career in 2006. Marais Erasmus is from South Africa and bags the fifth position in this list of most popular and richest umpires in cricket history with the Yearly Salary of $35,000 and additional $3,000 test fee. This 51 years old South African umpire Marais Erasmus is fifth on the list he has umpired 30 test, 62 ODI’s and 20 T20’s matches.

This umpire from England with early Salary $45,000 gets the fourth position in this list. The Test, ODI as well as the T20 Nike Mercurial Football Boots fee is as all above. He has the expertise of umpiring in 29 Test matches, 93 ODI matches and 24 T20 cricket matches since 2005 that is when he started his career. Although he legitimately begun his career journey as an umpire in 2006 through international T20.

With the Yearly Salary  of $45,000 this Australian umpire bags the position in top three of the most popular and most popular and richest umpires in cricket history. He has the expertise of umpiring 41 ODI’s along with 17 test  matches and 13 T20 matches umpiring. Not only an umpire, but he is a former cricketer  from Australia.

This umpire from England has the yearly salary of $35,000. He is one of the most popular and richest umpires in cricket history and is very popular in social media as well. He started his career in umpiring in 2010. He has umpired 38 ODI’s till date. Also he has umpired 15 test matches Nike Mercurial Football Boots and 11 T20 matches in his cricket career.

This umpire from England bags the first position in this list with his Yearly Salary around $35,000 along with ODI fees, additional T20 fees and test fee. He started his umpiring career in the year 2009 and so far has expertise in 57 ODI’s, 28 test matches and 17 T20 matches.

Please note again that this list was not in the order of salary or income but also the popularity of the umpire. This concludes the list of top 10 most popular and richest umpires in cricket history.

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Major League Soccer is the top tier association football championship in the United States and Canada. The league consists of 20 teams in total that are divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences, nike football boots sale out of which 17 teams are from the United States and 3 from Canada. The Major League Soccer or MLS is organized from March to October each year where each of the teams play 34 games.

In the recent decade, Major League Soccer has been attracting big European names who arent being able to play the European first tier any more due to their age. MLS is also chosen over other leagues because of its large income. Lets have a look at the Highest Paid MLS PLayers 2016.

Standing on number 9 in our list Highest Paid MLS players, we have U.S. International Jermaine Jones. Jones currently plays for New York Revolution in the defensive midfielder position. After the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, he was headed to the New York Red Bulls but New York Revolutions snapped him and put them in their star player list. He gets a base salary nike football boots sale of $3,000,500 from MLS franchise New England Revolution and cumulatively earned a total of $3,252,500 in the 2015-16 season.

Riding high on number 8, we have Australian striker Tim Cahill. Cahill currently plays for New York Red Bulls. He has been sensational for his national team appearing in 75 matches and scoring 35 goals for his national team from 2004 till date.

Cahill generally plays as a striker and attacking midfielder for his national team and club. He earned a cumulative total of $3,625,000 that also includes $3,500,000from MLS franchise New York Red Bulls in the 2015-16 season.

Probably the best contender in our list of nike football boots sale Highest Paid MLS Players 2016 is France International Theirry Henry. Henry currently plays for New York Red Bulls as a striker. From 1997 to 2010, he has achieved 51 goals in 123 appearances for France national football team.

Every soccer lover in this earth definitely enjoy watching him playing. The veteran who turned 37 years old in August is reportedly eying the end. It has been heavily rumored that Henry will retire when New York at the end of this season. He gets a base salary of $3,750,000 from MLS franchise New York Red Bulls and cumulatively earned a total of $4,350,000 in the 2015-16 season.

The only Irishmen in our list of Highest Paid MLS Players 2016 is Robbie Keane. Robbie Keane currently plays for LA Galaxy in MLS and usually plays as a striker for his club and national team.

From 1998 till now, he has achieved 65 goals in 138 appearances for Ireland national football team. He and teammates Gyasi Zardes or Landon Donovan can end up being MVP candidates for 2015 in football boots sale He gets a base salary of $4,500,000 from MLS franchise LA Galaxy.

The all-time sensational striker from the U.S. National team Landon Donovan is currently at number 5 in the list of Highest Paid MLS Players 2016. Donovan plays for LA Galaxy in the MLS. Landon Donovan usually plays as an attacking midfielder for his club and national team. From 2000 till now, he has achieved 57 goals in 157 appearances for the U.S. national football team. He gets a base salary of $4,250,000 from MLS franchise Los Angeles Galaxy and cumulatively earned a total of $4,583,333 in the 2015-16 season.

The no. 4 in our list of Highest Paid MLS PLayers 2016 is English strkier, Jermain Defoe. He currently plays Toronto FC in MLS.  nike football boots sale Jermain Defoe usually plays as an striker for his club and national team. From 2004 till now, he has achieved 19 goals in 55 appearances for the England national football team. He gets a base salary of $6,000,000 from MLS franchise Orlando City and cumulatively earned a total of $6,180,000 in the 2015-16 season.

Rumors were all around that Defoe had his head turned by former manager Harry RedKnapp. He will probably ditch the Canadian side and return to England at the end of the season.

The bronze medalist on our list of Highest Paid MLS Players we have U.S. Player Micheal Bradley. He currently dons the Toronto FC jersy in MLS. Michael Bradley usually plays as a Center midfielder for his club and national team. From 2006 till now, he has achieved 12 goals in 91 appearances for United States national football team.

Bradley will attract bids from home and nike football boots sale abroad if he makes it clear that he wants to leave. He gets a base salary of $6,000,000 from MLS franchise Toronto FC and cumulatively earned a total of $6,500,000 in the 2015-16 season.

The runners up in our list of Highest Paid MLS Players is U.S international Clint Dempsy. Dempsy currently plays for the Seattle Sounders FC in MLS. Clint Dempsey usually plays as an attacking midfielder for his club and national team. From 2004 till now, he has achieved 39 goals in 110 appearances for United States national football team. He gets a base salary of $4,913,004 from MLS franchise Seattle Sounders FC and cumulatively earned a total of $6,695,189 in the 2015-16 season.

The winner in our list of Highest Paid MLS PLayers 2016 is Brazillian international, Ricardo Kaka. Undoubtedly KAKA is another household name among diehard soccer fans all around the world. What else coud he win, as already he had lifted the trophy of Serie A,nike football boots sale  La Liga and the UEFA Champions League and obviously the FIFA World Cup.

From 2002 till now, he has achieved 29 goals in 89 appearances for the Brazilian national football team. Kaka plays as an attacking midfielder for his national team and MLS side, Orlando City FC. He earned a cumulative total of $7,167,500 that also includes $6,660,000 from MLS franchise Orlando City in the last season


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La Liga or Spanish Football League is one of the most popular sport leagues in the world and one of the top football leagues globally. Founded in 1929 is currently contested by 20 teams under a promotion-relegation system. The most popular teams of the league are nike football shoes Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In their 86 years of history, countless football legends have left their mark in the league and in this list we’ll chose our All Time Starting XI of la Liga, which is a list that only will include retired players who spent most of their career in la Liga.

Probably the least known neam in our All nike football shoes Time Starting XI of La Liga, but how to keep out of the team the first goalkeeper to win 5 Trofeos Zamora, awarded to the best goalie of each season in la Liga. Nicknamed “El Gato de Maracaná” (Maracana’s Cat) after his impressive skills shown in the 1950 World Cup. Ramallets’ debut occurred in 1941 with now defunct C.E. Europa and retired in 1962 with Barcelona, the team he had his best years with. Ramallets won the Zamora Trophy in its first two editions averaging less than 1 goal allowed per game and previously he had been selected the best goalie in the league three times. He was the goalie of the first legendary Barcelona Team (1951-53). He won 6 championships with Barcelona, one of their most winningest players of all time.

Retired not long ago, he was a longtime captain of his only team, Barcelona F. C. He was a central defender but could also play either flank, especially right and he made our All Time Starting XI of La Liga. He nike football shoes played over 600 official matches with them and won 21 major tournaments, including Six La Liga Championships and Three Champions League. With his National Team, Spain, he was part of the team that won the Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup, where he scored the only goal of the semifinal match against Germany.  In La Liga he played 392 games and scored 13 goals.

Although he played most part of his career in Netherlands, the best moment of its was his stint with the Barcelona’s Dream Team from 1989 to 1995, which is enough to put him in our All Time Starting XI of La Liga as one the teams defenders. He was one of the best attacking central defenders of all time and was renowned for his long range passing, his shooting accuracy and power from distance, especially on free kicks. In La Liga he played 192 games, scored 67 goals and still holds the records for most consecutive successful penalties conversions with 25. With his Barcelona team he won four league’s Championships in a row. His 193 goals overall on his career are the most for any defender in the history of football.

One of Real Madrid and Spain All Time Greats, he made our All Time Starting XI of La Liga as defender as he could play central defender, sweeper and defensive midfielder. He had the ability to combine solid defense with an almost unlimited passing range and had a surprising goalscoring talent, rare in defenders, which made him one of the world’s best players at his time. With the “Galacticos”, he won five La Liga and three Champions nike football shoes League trophies over a 15 years span. His debut occurred in 1987 with Real Valladolid and in 1989 he was bought by Real Madrid. In his first four years with the team he scored 51 goals, including a career high of 21 in 91-92 season. Overall he scored 105 goals in La Liga, 102 with Real.

He spent most of his career as a left winger and was nicknamed “El Hombre Bala” (Bullet man) due to his powerful bending free kicks, which were measured at over 105 mph. He was also known for his running speed, stamina and technical skills. He won it all with his National Team, including several Copas Americas and one FIFA World Cup. He played 11 years (from 1996 to 2007) with Real Madrid, and played with them 584 matches in all competitions and scored 71 goals, winning four La Liga Championships and three Champions League. In La Liga, he is the Real Madrid’s most capped foreign player with 370 games played and at his peak with the “Galácticos” he was considered one of the best left backs in the world and undoubtedly he made our All Time Starting XI of La Liga.

Having played his full career in Spain and nike football shoes being part of the Real Madrid team that won several championships, he made the cut for our All Time Starting XI of La Liga as a midfielder. He played mainly as left winger. His debut occurred with Racing Santander in 1952 and moved to Real Madrid the following seasons. He appeared in a record 8 European Cup Finals, winning a record six and was part of 12 teams that won La Liga. He played 14 years at International level with Spain, including the World Cups of 1962 and 1966. He was noted for his high speed, being able to run 100 meters in 11 seconds and his scoring prowess from the midfield position. He scored 30 goals in 89 European Cups matches and 130 in the Spanish Top Division, 128 with the “Merengues”.

The Danish Laudrop made the cut for our All Time Starting XI of La Liga as attacking midfielder. He played 8 of his 17 years in Spain with both Real Madrid and Barcelona and won La Liga Championships with each. He was part of the Barcelona Dream Team of the early nineties and won four championships in a row with them, after his final season with Barcelona he moved to Real Madrid with who he won a fifth La Liga Championships tournament. In 1999 he was voted the Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football over the preceding 25 year period. He was known as a quick, intelligent and talented play making midfielder and one of the most elegant players the game has ever seen and notably, he never received a red card in his career. Through his career he was acclaimed for his technique, balance, elegance, vision, ball control, deep passes and dribbling ability.

The most capped player of Portugal in history,nike football shoes played 10 years in Spain, splitting them with 5 for Barcelona and 5 for Real Madrid and that’s why one of the best wingers in history is one of the midfielders of our All Time Starting XI of La Liga. He was renowned for his creativity and ability to get past defenders. He set la Liga’s All Time record for assists with 106, a mark broken by Lionel Messi. In Barcelona his career took off and made a fearsome partnership with Ronaldo in the late nineties, playing 172 for them and scoring 30 goals and in 2000 he moved to Real Madrid where he was part of the historic team “Los Galácticos” with who he played 164 games and scored 38 goals. At his peak he was quick, elegant, skillful with a notable dribbling ability. Although he primarily served as a creative player he also contributed offensively with goals due to his powerful striking ability and his accuracy from free-kicks and penalties.

Di Stefano is without a doubt the greatest player in history never to appear in a football World Cup, despite the fact he played for three different national teams. Nicknamed “La Saeta Rubia” (the blonde arrow), he was a powerfull, quick, skillful player with great stamina, tactical versatility, creativity and vision, who could also play almost anywhere on the pitch. He is currently the fifth highest scorer in the history of la Liga and Real Madrid’s third highest league scorer with 216 goals in 282 matches between 1953 and 1964. nike football shoes Di Stefano’s best years were with Real Madrid where he was a key part of one of the most successful teams of all time.  He set the club record for most goals with 216 (today broken). He scored in five consecutive European Cup finals for Real from 1956 to 1960, he was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 1957 and 1959 and is part of our All Time Starting XI of La Liga.

He is arguably one of the greatest players in history of the game and one of the finest and most prolific strikers, having scored 84 goals in 85 matches for Hungary National Team, where he was part of the Mighty Magyars, arguably the greatest national team that never won a World Cup. In La Liga he played 8 seasons with Real Madrid and scored 156 goals, won three European Cups and 5 League Championships. While playing for Real Madrid, he won for “Pichinchis” as the league Top Scorer and scored seven goals in two European Championships Cup. He scored four hat tricks in in first season in La Liga and against Barcelona he scored two hat tricks in the 1963 season. He scored 20 or more goals in each of his first six seasons in the Spanish Top Division and helped Real Madrid win la Liga five times in a row. In the nike football shoes European Cup, he played with 39 games with Madrid, scoring 35 goals. It was impossible to leave him out of our All Time Starting XI of La Liga.



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Real Madrid came face to face with Paris Saint-German for the Champions League Group A match at Bernabeu. While, at the start of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, both the teams had already earned 7 points each, it was Real Madrid leading the section on the basis of goal difference. Obviously, the importance of the match could not be downplayed. With a number of good players on the field, the initial speculations were regarding who would produce. Of course, the pressure was slightly more on PSG, and they nike football boots sale needed players like Ibrahimovic and Cavani to be at their best.

The visitors enjoyed the possession of the ball for some time since the kickoff. PSG looked like they were in the mood to prove themselves against Real. But as Verratti worked the ball into Aurier, the right-back committed a foul, sending the ball into Real’s possession. But, there was a good exchange of the ball between the two teams.

In the 4th min of the Real Madrid vs PSG game, Cavani danced right into the box of Real Madrid, but Varane got a toe to the ball, thus averting the danger. The first attempt on target was made by Ronaldo in the 5th min, but Trapp was down to make the save. But, aside from his strike, PSG seemed to be having a better night for the first 10 min. In the 11th min, there was a pause in the match, as Isco and Aurier clashed heads after the PSG defender had beaten the Spaniard to a super Ramos cross, leaving Isco with a nasty gash, leading him to actually sit back down in the dug-out. This was in the 15th min, and a minute later, he was seen playing a good game. Ibrahimovic’s nike football boots sale effort could not make any effect on Real, as his strike went over the crossbar.

By the time 20 min had passed, a couple of injuries had taken place, thus hampering the tempo of the match. The first real chance of the evening came to PSG, as Aurier raced down the right, but his effort to feed a super cross into Matuidi was obstructed by Navas. They came close again, in the 23rd min, but it did not help their score. Ronaldo, however, tried to pick things up for his team, but PSG maintained their pace, as they made great saves and came across close chances, until, in the 35th min, a goal was scored, and it was a game changer, as Nacho scored one for Real Madrid.

As the match continued, PSG came close to a score, several times, but till the half time, and the additional 4 min, they could not net the ball. At the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 PSG.

4 min into the second half, and PSG was nike football boots sale already trying to grab a half chance. But Navas successfully avoided the danger from Di Maria. The match continued, and for several minutes, the match seemed rather quiet, until Ibrahimovic made another failed attempt in the 55th min. With around half an hour left of the match, Real Madrid seemed to be putting PSG under pressure. But, nothing significant enough to change the score happened. Real Madrid continued to play an improved game.

In the 67th min of the Real Madrid vs PSG match, Luiz got booked for a late challenge on Isco, and the resulting free kick once again failed to make any significant change to the game. PSG, after giving a good fight, lost their way for a few minutes, but tried to pick up their pace in the last 10 minutes. However, their struggle was visible, though Real Madrid did see a threat in Di Maria.

In the 88th min, Casemiro was booked nike football boots sale for pulling Di Maria, earning PSG a free kick from a precarious position. But, Di Maria hit the top of the crossbar for his team. He made yet another stunning strike in the last minute of the second half, which again hit the crossbar. After 3 additional minutes during which Navas got booked for wasting time, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 PSG. PSG played an excellent game, but were just unlucky, while, Real walked away with the victory in the Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-German match.


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Being a celebrity has its perks. Likewise; Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the world’s best football players. He is a professional soccer player who has set many records while playing for both Manchester United and Real Madrid. He belonged to a small island named as mercurial cheap Madeira in Portugal. But due to his hard work he has got much fame across the world.

Ronaldo started his professional career in 2001 and since then he is being loved, encouraged and supported by his fans. He is one of the most expensive player in football history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid. This football player owns a lavish mansion in Madrid and another grand mansion in U.K. The detail of Cristiano Ronaldo homes is discussed below:

It is a mansion where Ronaldo lived when he played football for Manchester United, but now it is labelled as “For Sale”. This is Ronaldo’s first home, which he purchased in 2006 for a more than $6 million when he played for Manchester United. It was located in the Village of Cheshire at Alderley, which is one of the most exclusive and expensive communities in England. This house consists of five bedrooms, his/hers bathrooms, and a swimming pool. Including cinema, aquarium, media room and mirrored mercurial cheap ceilings, which clearly depicts the ravishing style of Ronaldo’s relaxation.

I don’t know its really a truth or just a rumor that he has a larger-than-life portrait of himself on one of the walls. Then there’s the garage, which is full of his beautiful car collection with almost 20-cars of automobiles is nestled.

Last but not the least he also has incorporated the 5-star gym for himself after all he is the most leading soccer player in the world.This modern house is designed by architect Joaquin Torres. I can say mercurial cheap that this house can be called as the CR’s heaven.

This is Ronaldo’s second house which is listed at over $7 million. It’s a lavishing house of 8,600 square-feet, one-story house. This house has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and cameras in the rooms. It also has a trophy room, which is probably continuing filling up steadily, and a kid’s play-room. This oversized modern mansion was in news when the neighbors called this house “offensive, brutal and insensitive”, because it was built in a place of a knocked-down modest family house.

This house was designed by A-cero Architects, Spain who are the master designers in creating residential works of art. A-cero considered the homeowner’s passions, so in addition to adorning the garden with large sculptures and exhibiting works of mercurial cheap art in the interior, the house is a work of art in itself.

This exceptional house is located in Somosaguas, Madrid. As reflected in its residents’ quality of life, this beautiful piece of art is the largest and richest in the Madrid region. Cristiano Ronaldo has always a good taste in his belongings either they are cars or houses. He is been perfect about his choices and selections which is one of the reason he has numerous number of fans across the world. These were the Cristiano Ronaldo homes which are kind of heaven for him.

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